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You’re sitting at the starting line, waiting for the checkered flag to drop. Engines race as each driver waits for the race to begin. Suddenly the car next to you surges forward, slamming the starter’s body into the wall. You and the other drivers take off in fast pursuit, careening up onto the sidewalks, sending spectators running for cover.If you’ve ever seen Deathrace 2000 you have a good idea of the story in Carmageddon. There are no rules; it’s just you and your car against everyone. Your goal is to climb from 99th in the rankings to number one and if, along the way, you have to crush the opposition (literally), that’s just fine. And if you’re also willing to take out any pedestrians that don’t run fast enough, that’s even better. This is one racing game where your position in the pack doesn’t matter as much as how much damage you do.

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