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Although this newer version has been around for awhile, its still one of the most entertaining simulation programs you can buy. Start out with little more than cow pastures, and in no time you can be ruling a megalopolis if you know how to manage a city, that is. The issues you must consider and control are numerous zoning, development, mass transit, education, recreation, utilities, and on and on. Your potential problems are even more numerous illiteracy, urban blight, riots, declining land values, gridlock, and an aging infrastructure, to name just a few. We’ve always been fans of this game, mostly because it strikes a perfect balance between giving you control over the minute details a good simulation requires and keeping things simple enough to be fun. The initial learning curve is a bit steep we’d like to see a tutorial like the one included with Gazillionaire, but we must admit that in traditional Maxis style the manual is at least an entertaining read.

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